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Inspections Made Easy.
  • Capture InfraRed Videos and Images
  • Record emission source details directly
  • Keep track of clients, facilities and contacts
  • No more DVDs. Easily share your results with clients
  • Print tags and reports with just one click

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Manage Your Emissions
  • View your emission sources in an organized way
  • Combine descriptions and videos to pinpoint locations
  • Prioritize based on gas value
  • Attach economic reports to emission sources
  • Export to Excel and print reports

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Manage Your Emissions
  • View all outstanding emission sources
  • Give access to facility operators and repair crews
  • People making the repairs can see the videos directly
  • Record repairs: who, when and how much
  • See the gas savings right away

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Manage Your Emissions
  • Get a bird's eye view of your emission program
  • Track outstanding items and repairs
  • See the company savings right away
  • Quickly see any updates made since your last login
  • Jump to the most critical emission sources

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Insight Emissions Management Inc. is an international provider of software and hardware solutions that automate the collection, distribution & analysis of fugitive emission data for the oil & gas industry. Whether you’re in the field inspecting facilities with a FLIR camera or downtown ensuring your company is in compliance with the latest regulatory issues, Insight has the complete fugitive emission solution for you.



From remote facilities in the far reaches of the world to corporate offices in downtown Houston we build products and solutions that can be trusted to work. We realize that your data is important and we go to great lengths to keep it safe, secure and available.
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Discover real-time fugitive emission insights. Our solutions provide users access and utilization of their fugitive emission data virtually any place they may work. Empower yourself and company with the tools to quickly collect, distribute and access meaningful fugitive emission now and forever.
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We realize that making forward strides in technology has its learning curves and potential obstacles, but we don’t want to prohibit you from making that stride with us simply because you are not using the latest and greatest in technology.
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